Throughout the ages an unknown force has raged throughout the planet. This force has been known as mana, chakra, and reitsu. It has been thought to come from the body, the soul, and exist in every living thing. This power is yours to control!
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 The Rules

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The Rules Empty
PostSubject: The Rules   The Rules Icon_minitimeSun Dec 21, 2008 12:01 am

1. You do not claim other people's movements but your own.
2. Post your character info before applying to a color. Based on your character's powers and personal goals, I will place you where you are most suited.
3. Do not join more than one color. you must gain special permission to do that.
4a. Godmodders will be shot...with a god gun...made of unbreakable energy space metal of death! (I just out modded god!)
4b. No seriously I'll ban you...
4c. Godmodding is when your character is unbeatable and ur pretty much being a fucking sore loser.
5. No swearing! haha just pulling ur dick there...just don't make fuck every other word...
6a. Relationships...i suppose you can be naughty in private quarters...but keep nudity out of normal areas...
6b. anywhere other than your house or room keep it in PMs...
7. Have fun or I'll eat you.
8. GENERALLY this is how we roleplay. *'s mean actions and if you use italics that means thoughts (what you are thinking), everything in normal format is speaking. Anything in () means you are talking out of character. Here's an example:

*smiles and walks towards group*
Hi everyone!
I wonder what they are doing
(I have to leave in 15 minutes)
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The Rules
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